3D-Palace Stormbringer Training for 3ds Studio Max

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    Narrator: Cris Robson

    Total video length: 38 hours
    Skills learned: Modelling, Scene Rigging, Animation, Particle Systems,
    building prefabs, creation of high detail hero objects.

    Detailed Description

    Stormbringer modelling – much of the set involves using polymodelling starting
    with basic primitives to create the complicated shapes you’ll see
    in the finished model. Other techniques introduce you to using bridging,
    manual bevelsmooth techniques, advanced polymodelling, poly on poly and
    also creation of pipework using copy>rotate>move.

    Animation - Animation of the retracting legs, cargobay door, rotating engines,
    main rotating cylinder and other parts is covered. Linking parts is covered
    along with keyframing, easing and camera placement / camera animation.

    Shuttle modelling – This extended appendix will show you how to model
    the shuttles used by the Firefly class spaceship - as well as showing
    how to simply set up its beetlewing extended topwings for flight.
    Environment – Using Sketchup this additional appendix covers creation
    of a simple yet effective city environment for the Stormbringer ship
    to take off from.

    Note. this is dvd1 later ill add dvd2

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